Ozone Therapy: An Overview

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a “supercharged” version of oxygen which makes it unique in helping the body to heal. Therefore, its increased energy means that it can work quickly to improve the function of the immune system, which in turn means it is able to effectively fight “foreign bodies” in the body. This is Ozone Therapy.
In other words, the body’s immune system naturally produces ozone to help it to do its job. But if the body becomes depleted of oxygen, the immune system struggles to perform its task. Because of pollution levels, this is becoming a very common problem in modern life. In fact, various conditions are allowed to thrive in the human body. This list includes bacteria, viruses, autoimmune diseases and more.

A Sample of what our HOCATT Ozone Steam Therapy Machine looks like.

A Brief History

During 1870, the German doctor Lender made a breakthrough discovery of the antimicrobial properties of ozone most importantly, he published the first report on its use as a purifier of blood.
Further, Dr Noble Eberhart, head of the Department of Physiology of Loyola Chicago University, described how he used ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout and syphilis.
During the 1950’s, ozone treatments have been widely administered to European patients suffering from chronic disease. Today, more than 50 countries around the world use ozone therapy. As a result ozone therapy is quickly growing in popularity in the U.S., with an increasing number of practitioners offering it to their patients who have difficult chronic diseases.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

The Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Restoring health with ozone is a very natural process. Because of that, an increasing number of practitioners are using ozone therapy in their practices. Most patients are very comfortable with ozone treatments because they are reasonably non-invasive and can have fast-acting results.
Ozone therapy gives the body powerful tools, allowing the immune system to do its job even better. It can be used to fight almost any condition, including:
⦁ Cancer,
⦁ Lyme disease,
⦁ Fibromyalgia,
⦁ Herpes,
⦁ Hashimotos thyroiditis,
⦁ Systemic Lupus,
⦁ Colitis,
⦁ Rheumatoid Arthritis,
⦁ Multiple Sclerosis,
⦁ Diabetes Type 1
⦁ Crohn’s disease

Are you ready to see how Ozone Therapy can change your life? Book a consultation and find out if it’s right for you!
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